Sandbox Instructor and technical support: Samuele Soraggi, Aarhus University

Course PIs: Mikkel Heide Schierup, Aarhus University, and Stig Uggerhøj Andersen, Aarhus University.

As part of the project National Health Data Science Sandbox for Teaching and Training, Samuele Soraggi and researchers at Aarhus University ran a course on UCloud called Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing Data

“UCloud is pretty ideal for organizing pedagogic material because it is interactive. The user support team at the eScience Center helped us so we basically had an app running and starting the packages so the users would not have to install anything and could just straight use the course material interactively,” says Samuele Soraggi. 

The course has been published as an app on UCloud, Genomics Sandbox, which can be used by other researchers, organizing similar courses. A population genomics and an introductory GWAS course are on their way to the Genomics Sandbox in the coming months.

“I think it’s very nice that the course participants did not have to worry about packages and installation. They could also upload their own datasets and try out the same analysis for their research projects. That was a plus we did not think about, because we thought mostly about the tutorial for the course,” says Samuele Soraggi.

If you would like to host a similar course on UCloud, please contact If your course is related to health science, the team behind the National Health Data Science Sandbox can also help you at NHDS_sandbox@sund.ku.