PI: Rebekah Baglini, Associate Professor in Linguistics at Interacting Minds Centre, Aarhus University

While many studies are based on historical data, the research of Rebekah Baglini is an excellent example of supercomputing applied to recent data in the humanities.   

She employs supercomputing in her current projects involving the collection, processing, and annotation of large-scale media data from traditional and social media sources. By examining this diverse range of data, Rebekah Baglini investigates causal inference and causal reasoning from a linguistic perspective. Her research involves the application of semantic model theory and computational methods to uncover insights in linguistics.

“I aim to develop computationally assisted methods to identify trends in the discursive and informational landscape around topics concerning media dynamics, public health and science communication, crisis and risk messaging, as well as the emergence of mis- and dis-information”. 

Rebekah Baglini, Associate Professor in Linguistics, Aarhus University

In addition to her linguistic investigations, Rebekah Baglini also strives to enhance the existing computational language models for multilingual natural language processing (NLP), with a particular focus on under-resourced languages.   

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