SDU users can apply for resources on HPC Type 1 – UCloud and HPC Type 2.

Information on the HPC hardware features can be found by selecting Scientific Computing from the top bar menu.

Procedure to request and grant HPC resources

Type 1 – UCloud

For Type 1 – UCloud, SDU users need to apply for resources through the UCloud platform and select the panel Type -1 SDU.

A description of the application procedure, the available products and related costs  can be found here.

Further informations,  about data transfer and management, available applications and  project management, can be found in the UCloud documentation.

Type 2 

For application on Type 2, users need to follow few steps:

1. download  the application form here:

2. fill the form and send the request , with the attached file, to the eScience service desk.

The request will be forwarded to the eScience Operational Board for decision.

3. If approved, you will receive an email informing you of the resources allocated to your project and a separate activation email for your HPC account.

Informations about data transfer and management, available software and ssh configuration can be found here:

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