Join us at the SDU eScience Center in Odense

The mission of the eScience Center is to support research through the development and provision of advanced ICT (Information and Communication Technology) infrastructure, services and expertise. We provide services and expertise in the areas of High Performance Computing (HPC), Cloud Services, Data Services and e-science. We support large research, educational and government institutions, as well as the business community.

The SDU eScience Center is one of SDU’s major strategic initiatives and extends over five of SDU’s faculties, all of which are represented in the eScience Steering Committee Board. The board includes Dean Thomas Buchvald Vind, who is the University Director and Chairperson underlining the strategic importance of the eScience Center’s activities.

Who works at the eScience Center?

The eScience Center’s leader is professor Claudio Pica, who together with Desirée Suhr Pérez (The eScience Center administrator) comprises of the management for daily operations. Currently, the Center is comprised of 9 additional staff members for research infrastructure support and development. The organizational structure of the eScience Center consists of an agile team structure with a high degree of teamwork and collegial supervision allowing both for creative development, independence, practical knowhow, counseling, support and service.

We address stimulating and interesting technological challenges and offer a research-like environment where we encourage the study of innovative solutions. We firmly believe in open-source and web technology as a means to reach our goals.

As a place of employment, we offer:

• An exciting opportunity to hone existing skills and contribute to the forefront of technological development – and see this translated into practical use through the daily support of the wider community;
• A collegial working environment characterized by teamwork and creativity.

The eScience Center is now expanding its staff in all its core areas and is therefore looking to recruit junior and senior experts in core fields. You can find vacant positions at SDU here.