All researchers affiliated with the Danish universities and the Royal Danish Library can get access and use the ABACUS2.0 supercomputer under the same conditions.

  • To request access, please fill out the Account Request Form.
  • Proposers for any kind of allocation schemes must hold at least the position of postdoc within their institution.
  • PhD students request access in consultation with, and under the auspices of, their supervisor.
  • Users are billed according to how many node hours they could be allocated on ABACUS2.0.

Types of allocation

Test project
  • The maximum amount is 10000 node*hours on slim nodes and 2000 node*hours on fat and GPU nodes.
  • The maximum allowed period to use the compute time is 8 months.
  • Requests can be done at any time, and they will be processed as soon as possible.
Regular project
  • This kind of allocation provides access for a period of one year.
  • Requesters are required to have a track-record of research based usage of HPC platforms.
  • The allocation of the available resources for regular projects follows a schedule of four months’ periods, called “allocation periods”. The three yearly allocation periods are: 1st of March to 30th of June, 1st of July to 31st of October, 1st of November to last day of February.
  • Up to 20% of the original allocated resources for a period will automatically be carried over to the next period, if the project has not used all available resources. Unused resources in excess of 20% of the original allocated amount will be lost.