On Monday the 1st of March, the DeiC national Type1 system was expanded to include the GPUs and Virtual Machine (VM) infrastructure at Aalborg University. All resources in the Type 1 system are available via UCloud. The seamless integration makes UCloud a much simpler and more flexible solution for researchers who want to use different kinds of HPC machines in the same project, in contrast to more traditional HPC environments.

The DeiC National HPC Type 1 is operated by a consortium consisting of SDU, AAU and AU.

Virtual Machines & GPUs

With the addition of the AAU’s infrastructure, researchers can also apply for two new types of virtual machines, with or without GPUs, in different sizes. As usual on UCloud, after a request for resources has been approved by the local Front Offices, researchers can create the new VMs by clicking on the application from the new virtual machines category.

Over the coming months, these functionality will be expanded even further.

A collaborative effort

With the launch of the new HPC system and update of the DeiC National HPC Type 1, the universities have once again proven that they are committed to working together to provide better services for Danish researchers. This is the overall goal of the collaborative agreements between DeiC and the Danish universities and it will enable Danish research to compete at an international level as well as contribute to the general prosperity of the Danish society.

By Johanne Lyhne Hansen