The RESEARCH2025 process is a consultation and co-creation process among a broad range of stakeholders which aims to identify:

  • The research needs that flow from the major challenges facing the world and Danish society;
  • The opportunities created by future developments anticipated in society, technology and the economy;
  • The capabilities of Danish research institutions, enterprises and public organisations to address those needs and opportunities.

The end product of the RESEARCH process will be a catalogue of promising research themes that by 2017 will replace the existing RESEARCH2020 catalogue. The catalogue will constitute a central Danish basis for inspiring and prioritising strategic investments in research. The catalogue is aimed at politicians that allocate national funds for investments in research, the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Innovation Fund Denmark, and academic and research institutions, among others. Business and interest organisations, ministries, academic and research institutions and many others will contribute to developing the RESEARCH2025 catalogue through a co-creation process. In this way, the catalogue is expected to eventually reflect Danish society’s demand for strategic investments in research within areas of great opportunities or challenges.

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