Experience SDU’s supercomputer ABACUS2.0, eScience Center, SDU.

With a performance of up to 766.6 teraflop/s, the ABACUS2.0 supercomputer is capable of performing over half a billiard calculations per second. A person equipped with a calculator in comparison would have to spend almost 24 million years if the person were able to make a calculation per second. The supercomputer can help solve almost all of the challenges we face: environmental, economic, medical or something completely new, which still needs to be figured out. Come and see the supercomputer, which is located at SDU in Odense and meet some of the employees from the eScience Center.

Target group: Children and adults

Scope: 4 guided tours in Danish with a total of 10 persons per tour (approx. 45 minutes).

If you are interested in a tour in English please sign up at the eScience Center booth. More information is available in Danish on SDUs website

The below information is taken from: forsk.dk

The Danish Science Festival

The Danish Science Festival is an annual week-long festival taking place in April. The festival is comprised by approximately 700 different events that attract around 75,000 visitors at more than 100 locations across Denmark.

Behind the Festival

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science is the primary organiser of the festival. The Secretariat of the Danish Science Festival is anchored in the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education, and has 2-3 fulltime employees responsible for the overall organisation, coordination, press handling, and marketing.

What is the purpose of the festival?  

The purpose of the Danish Science Festival is to:

  • Celebrate the fundamental element of research: curiosity
  • Establish a meeting point between researchers and the general public
  • Showcase how research and innovation contribute to solving social challenges and issue
  • Support public engagement in research and enhance the relationship between researchers and the general public.

Who are the local organisers?

Every year approximately 200 local organisers arrange different events across Denmark during the Danish Science Festival. These are primarily universities, education- and cultural institutions, private and public institutions as well as research associations. However, everyone with feasible ideas and a suitable location qualifies as an organiser.

Who is the target group?

We aim to reach out to everyone interested in science and innovation. Moreover, the festival targets a segment of the population who usually does not interact with research and innovation. Local organisers are free to define their own specific target group, e.g. families, students or children, in order to make science and innovation accessible to everyone.

What takes place during the festival?

Visitors can experience all kinds developed with the vision of communicating research and innovation in an interesting, captivating and accessible manner. The most popular happenings include open house events, hands-on experiments, lectures, guided tours, shows, and debates.

Desirée Suhr Pérez

Desirée Suhr Pérez Administrator/Secretary for eScience Center, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, IMADA, T +45 65 50 90 86, dsup@imada.sdu.dk D-IAS V22-411a-1, University of Southern Denmark, Campusvej 55, DK-5230 Odense M, www.sdu.dk