The SDU eScience Center invites all researchers and users at SDU to participate in the first eScience Center User Forum, which will take place online on Monday the 21st of June from 12:00-14:00

The User Forum is an open forum, which welcomes users interested in providing feedback on the services offered by the eScience Center and in suggesting new services and support/training material. 

We have planned 4 discussion sessions on:

  • research support and training;
  • UCloud platform and software applications;
  • storage and data management; and
  • National HPC systems.

To receive a calendar invitation and zoom link, please contact Johanne Lyhne Hansen



12:00-12:05        (05 min)               1. Introduction

12:05-12:30        (25 min)               2. Discussion on Research Support and Training
12:30-12:55        (25 min)               3. Discussion on UCloud and Software Applications

12:55-13:05        (10 min)               Break 

13:05-13:30        (25 min)               4. Discussion on Storage and Data Management
13:30-13:55        (25 min)               5. Discussion on National HPC Systems
13:55-14:00        (05 min)               6. Final Thoughts