Learn more about the technical details of the LUMI infrastructure and the potential that supercomputers can bring to many different fields of research. On 4 February 2021, DeiC will organize a webinar “LUMI: the EuroHPC flagship supercomputer of the North” starting at 10.00 CET. The event is free of charge. 

Access to the one of the fastest supercomputers in the world is not only a great opportunity for Danish researchers, it also bodes well for the part that Danish research will play in future breakthroughs in science. LUMI (Large Unified Modern Infrastructure) is a pan-European pre-exascale supercomputer, able to provide computing power of up to 552 petaflops. It is estimated to be operational in the middle of 2021. SDU and the other Danish Universities participate in LUMI under DeiC.

Among the exciting possibilities of LUMI are (source CSC):

  1. It will be one of the world’s leading platforms for artificial intelligence. Researchers will be able to combine AI, especially deep learning, and traditional large scale simulations with massive scale data analytics.
  2. LUMI’s data analytics partition has 32 an aggregated terabytes of memory and 64 visualization GPUs. This partition is used e.g. for visualization, heavy data analysis, meshing and pre/post-processing.
  3. The global bandwidth of the LUMI-GPU partition is 160 TB/s. This means that the global Internet traffic would fit therein – not just once, but twice!

Learn more by participating in the webinar where Pekka Manninen, Program Director at CSC, will present the technical details of the LUMI infrastructure, its great value and potential for many research communities and discuss how to prepare for the system.

You can register here.

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By Johanne Lyhne Hansen