Are you developing software or tools that are driven by research/engineering in either academia or industry?

Need to network, share knowledge and experiences with your peers?

Maybe you have heard of something called research software engineers and you would like to know more?

Nordic-RSE invites everyone interested in such topics to join their online “unconference” (lightweight get-together) on June 29 and 30, where the participants are encouraged to shape the agenda. Four invited speakers will kick off the event, including:

  • Kristoffer Carlsson (JuliaComputing) “Julia for research software engineers”,
  • Athanasia Monika Mowinckel (University of Oslo) “Developing and distributing in-house R-packages”,
  • Shahnawaz Ahmed (Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology) “Keep your code alive – lessons from the QuTiP project”.

Submit proposals and find out more at: