In early October, Lars Kjær, Information Specialist at the Copenhagen University Library (KUB), called for a seminar with special focus on digital photogrammetry and supercomputing.

Photogrammetry is the learning of measuring in photographs. From such measurements one can obtain three-dimensional information about the geometry and location of the objects depicted, for example, for mapping archaeological excavations and for the museum’s dissemination of historical objects.

Participants were given the opportunity to run image processing and modeling on Abacus via a Photoscan module – a process that would require more calculation hours than a single day of training on a regular PC – and that generated 3D models within a few hours using the Abacus Supercomputer. Visualization of the models was introduced in Sketchfab and participants could also experience the virtual models using HTC Vive glasses.

Matteo Pilati, Cand. Mag. & PhD Stud. ved Moesgaard Museum, Århus Universitet, gave a lecture on photogrammetry in archaeology and introduced tools such as ArcGIS (Cloud based Geographical Information System) and ArcScene (Visualization).

A study group at Københavns Universitetsbibliotek continues to explore the area of photogrammetry. A new workshop is being planned for spring 2018. For more information please contact Lars Kjær:

View some of the models here

Models in Sketchfab

Program for the course “Digital photogrammetry and supercomputing”

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