A competition for students from youth educations to find solutions to corporate complex problems.

The idea of the SDU Supercomputer Challenge is to bring companies and students together on tasks that can be solved on the supercomputer. The companies provide jobs they have not been able to solve.

Up to 400 students from various schools will take part in a workshop on 5 November 2015, when companies present their problems. Students can also register with their own problems – but it has to be well thought through.

At the end of the first workshop, groups will be formed and teamed up with companies and their problems. The problem-solving phase then begins. In this phase students work on creating a template for solving the problem. All groups are assigned a mentor whose job it is to guide students through the more practical aspects of the problem-solving process.

After the problem-solving phase, another workshop will take place. In this workshop, the most promising projects will be selected to carry on in the programming phase. In the programming phase, students detect and describe how they plan to work with the problem on the supercomputer – and so the programming begins. All participants that move on to the programming phase will receive a course in programming. Furthermore, a student programmer will be assigned to all groups (the student programmer could be a student who is working on his master’s degree has a lot of programming experience).

The programming phase ends in a final presentation of the projects and a jury finds the three winning groups of the SDU Super Computer Challenge.

The value of the running time on the supercomputer can be up to DKK 1 million for businesses. Each of the winning student groups receives DKK 25,000 to be shared between the students.

For further information, please contact Project Manager Peter Bækgaard Madsenor sign up for SDU Supercomputer Challenge (registration form in Danish).

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