The SDU eScience Center is proud to announce the deployment of two advanced quantum computing applications on UCloud: the NVIDIA CUDA Quantum Platform and the NVIDIA cuQuantum Appliance. These applications show our continuous commitment to offer cutting-edge technologies to our users.

NVIDIA CUDA Quantum Platform: Bridging Quantum and Classical Computing

The NVIDIA CUDA Quantum Platform is an innovative framework designed for hybrid quantum-classical computing. This platform is unique in its ability to unify the computing power of CPUs, GPUs, and Quantum Processing Units (QPUs), offering a seamless integration of these diverse processing capabilities.

Key Features include:

  • NVQ++ Compiler: At the heart of CUDA Quantum is the NVQ++ compiler, a tool specifically designed to optimize quantum computing workflows.
  • Hybrid Computing Model: This platform is uniquely positioned to leverage the strengths of both quantum and classical computing, promising to unlock new potentials in computational efficiency.

More information about the NVIDIA CUDA Quantum can be found here.

“Simulating quantum circuits using cuQuantum on GPUs enables algorithms research with performance and scale far beyond what can be achieved on quantum processing units (QPUs) today.”


NVIDIA cuQuantum Appliance: Enhancing Quantum Circuit Simulation

The NVIDIA cuQuantum Appliance is a state-of-the-art, multi-GPU quantum circuit simulation stack. It is engineered to empower developers in testing and creating quantum algorithms using classical computer systems.

Key Components are:

  • cuStateVec and cuTensorNet Libraries: These NVIDIA libraries are designed to optimize state vector and tensor network simulations, providing unparalleled performance in quantum circuit emulation.
  • Integration with Qiskit AER and Google Cirq: The appliance includes compatibility with IBM’s Qiskit AER and Google’s Cirq, facilitated through NVIDIA’s cusvaer and qsim respectively, allowing for multi-GPU-optimized simulations.

Discover more about the cuQuantum Appliance here.

Transforming the Quantum Computing Landscape

“With these new applications, UCloud is at the forefront of bringing quantum computing into practical, real-world use,” says Emiliano Molinaro, leader of research support at the SDU eScience Center. “Our platform is now uniquely equipped to support the development of quantum algorithms and simulations, offering unprecedented level of computational power and flexibility.”

We hope that UCloud’s deployment of these NVIDIA applications will be useful for a wide array of users, from academic researchers to industry professionals, seeking to explore the uncharted territories of quantum computing. It represents not only an enhancement of UCloud’s offerings but also a significant contribution to the Danish quantum computing ecosystem.