On Saturday, December 3rd, UCloud reached 5000 users!

This means that in the past three months, UCloud has had 1000 new users.

We’re very proud of the platform’s succes. Since the National HPC services began in November 2020, it has been evident that UCloud has diversified the use of HPC across different fields of research by lowering the threshold for non-experts. The fast growth of users also reflects that UCloud has proven extremely useful for teaching and is now increasingly used by universities outside of the consortium of universities running the service.

If you are a researcher at a Danish university, you can apply for resources on UCloud by logging into your account and submitting a grant application via the UCloud interface. It is also possible for non-researchers, e.g. private companies, to submit a request for resources on UCloud. For this, please contact support@escience.sdu.dk with a short description of your company’s needs and the type of resources you would like to request.