SDU employees can still apply for HPC resources, however, the amount of resources left for 2022 is shrinking.

The remaining resources for 2022 on the 4 types of National Systems are:

HPC Type1, Interactive HPC:

2,000,000 CPU core hours and 99,000 GPU core hours.

HPC Type 2 – Throughput HPC:

92,000 CPU core hours.

HPC Type 3 – Large Memory HPC 

No resources left, but it is still possible to use the scavenger queue.

LUMI – European pre-exascale supercomputer 

440,000 CPU core hours.

If you need help with/advice on how to write your application, please contact the representative from your faculty in the SDU eScience Center Operational Board:

You can find information on how to apply for resources on the different national systems here.