DeiC Large Memory system is a small cluster intended for calculations requiring a large amount of memory. While the system is designed for large memory calculations, it is configured as a traditional HPC system.

The system has been extended with an additional 10 nodes. The 10 nodes adds 1280 CPU cores and 11 TB of memory, which more than triples the CPU core count and almost doubles the memory. The new nodes are based on a new version of the AMD EPYC architecture, to keep the system homogeneous. On large memory systems, the AMD architecture is advantageous due to the higher memory bandwith offered by these processors.

In relation to the expansion, the entire system has been reinstalled and all machines have been upgraded from CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8 to provide the users with a more modern operating system. The user software modules system has also been improved and it is now easier to find and use modules.

You can read more about the system via the documentation and find instruction for how to apply for resources here.