The SDU eScience Research Support Team provides different levels of assistance targeting high performance computing, software development, data analytics, and data management. We also provide support in writing research applications and help projects secure funding. 

Basic support

We assist you in common system tasks, such as: data transfer, file management, project management, access to computational resources, job submission. Typically, these tasks can be solved within one day.

Advanced support

We provide technical assistance for all the applications deployed on our systems: bug fixing, tutorials and best practices. The user should provide the support team a comprehensive description of the problem and few examples for reproducing the issues. This level of assistance may require up to five working days.

High-level technical support

The user can contact us for a face-to-face high-level technical assistance and collaboration in research projects, which may include:

  • The development, optimization, and maintenance of scientific software applications and databases.
  • Creating or automating workflows for processing data and running simulations.
  • Developing and deploying AI/machine learning algorithms, data visualization tools, and dashboards.
  • Teaching best practices finalized at the optimal usage and implementation of our services.

Additional fees may apply for this level of support, according to the number of working hours necessary to complete the project tasks. Part of the time might be dedicated to acquire a domain knowledge in a specific research area for us to get started.

Access to licensed software

Contact us if you need to install licensed software for your research on our systems.

Are you applying for funding for your research?

We provide technical assistance in writing your research project application, including:

  • Advices about which HPC type/machine best matches your research requirements.
  • A reliable estimate of the amount and cost of the storage and compute resources necessary for your research project.

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