In November 2023, 16 NVIDIA H100 GPUs, the latest and most powerful GPUs for AI, landed at SDU.

The new GPUs were quickly installed in the SDU server room, and after the arrival of new power cables, the GPUs are now fully operational and integrated into the DeiC Interactive HPC system. They are available via the UCloud platform for all researchers in Denmark.

The NVIDIA H100 GPUs are among the most sought-after hardware by AI companies and researchers around the world. They offer unparalleled speed and memory for AI workloads, as well as a new architecture that enables faster data transfer between multiple GPUs.

The NVIDIA H100 GPUs are a valuable addition to the DeiC Interactive HPC system, and they will enable new and exciting possibilities for AI research in Denmark. We invite all interested researchers to try out the GPUs and experience their power and performance for themselves. The most popular frameworks for AI and machine learning such as TensorFlow or PyTorch are ready available on the DeiC Interactive HPC App Store. Besides being uniquely well suited for AI, the new H100 GPUs will work excellent with the two advanced quantum computing applications, which were recently added to UCloud: the NVIDIA CUDA Quantum Platform and the NVIDIA cuQuantum Appliance.